Which is better: JRS or LBC?

There are a lot of courier services in the Philippines, but two of the most popular ones are JRS Express and LBC Express. So, which one is better? Well, it really depends on what you need. JRS Express is known for their cheap rates and reliability. So, if you need something to be delivered reliably, JRS Express would be the better choice. But if you’re looking for the best deal, LBC Express would be a better option.

In today’s world, there are many things to buy online and get delivered to your family, friends, or at your own address. For an item to arrive on your doorstep you have to use some courier company that can deliver the parcel on your address.

There are two courier companies that are most trusted and well known in Philipines. One of them is JRS Express and the other one is LBC Express.

JRS Express:

JRS Express is one of the oldest courier companies in the Philippines and it offers everything from small packages to large items. It can deliver packages on the same day with its same-day delivery service. Cargo and Electronics shipment is another plus point. JRS is relatively cheaper if you compare its rates with LBC Express. JRS offers a great tool to track your parcel on daily basis. JRS branches and customer support are open 24/7.

LBC Express:

Just like JRS Express, LBC offers a great delivery service but it is a little bit expensive. It offers local and international shipments with a great courier tracking solution. With LBC express’s pick-up service you can order pick-up as well and a rider will pick your parcel from your home.

Which one is Best?

Honestly, both of them are good. For some items, JRS is best and for others, LBC works best. You have to check rates for each item before you go for any of them. You might get cheaper rates depending on the size or weight of the item. So check rates from both companies’ official websites or call their customer support to inquire about it.