Where does JRS Express deliver?

JRS Express is a courier service that delivers packages and documents all over the Philippines. They have a wide network of delivery locations, so you can be sure your package will get to its destination quickly and safely. JRS Express also offers same-day delivery in most areas, so you can get your package when you need it.

JRS Express offers door-to-door delivery services all over the Philipines and also some other nations all over the world as well, such as the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-pacific. You can inquire about all other countries by calling JRS Express helpline.

JRS Express delivers in Following Privinces in Philipines

Here is a complete list of all provinces where JRS Express can deliver your package without any problem.

You can also check the Town and Cities of these provinces on JRS Express's Official website by selecting your respective province and you can select your city and town. On the scope of delivery page, you can check all cities and towns supported by JRS Express in a specific province. Once you select your Province, City/Town, and click on submit. It will display all branches in your area with a mention if that branch supports pick-up service as well or not.

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