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Everything You need to know about Shopee Xpress

What is Shopee Express?

Shopee Express, also known as Shopee Xpress or SPX, is a logistics company directly owned and managed by Shopee, one of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms. It is among the integrated courier options in the Shopee app and may also be known as the Standard Delivery option. 

Although Shopee still has partnerships with other logistics companies, it promotes Shopee Xpress as the cheaper, faster, and more convenient alternative for the platform’s sellers or customers. It also accepts drop-offs and delivers from Monday to Saturday (but not on holidays). Expanded working days allow them to reduce waiting time for customers drastically. 

Shopee originated from Singapore and is a leading platform in the Southeast Asian region. Indeed, besides its flagship company in Singapore, it has thriving branches in the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Thus, it is in these areas where you may expect Shopee Xpress to be offered. 

What is Shopee Express Courier Tracking?

The Shopee Express Courier Tracking is a secure and accessible online tool that allows Shopee sellers and customers to trace and track their Shopee Express parcel’s real-time status and location. It informs users whether the package has been picked up, is on transport, or is ready for delivery. Such data allows sellers and customers to make better decisions regarding the parcel. 

How to Track Shopee Express Courier?

Tracking a Shopee Express courier is easy because of the accessibility and ease of use of the courier tracking tool. Interested individuals, such as sellers or customers, must only provide a unique Shopee Express tracking number. 

In the Philippines, the Shopee Express tracking number consists of alphanumeric characters. It begins with SPEPH, followed by an eleven-digit number, then ends with a single letter. An example is SPEPH12345678912A. You can find this tracking number in the Shopee app within the details of your order.  

Once you have the tracking number, follow these steps to track your courier:

  1. Open the Shopee Express Tracking page. 
  2. Provide the tracking number through the search or input bar. 
  3. Press “Track” or “Submit.” 
  4. Please wait for the page to provide the details regarding your parcel, including its real-time location and status. 

How Does Shopee Express Courier Service Work?

Shopee Express courier service offers various logistics services, and sellers can choose among them through the app or Seller Centre. Here are their most popular services:

Shopee Xpress Pickup

Shopee sellers can avail of the Shopee Xpress Pickup service by booking a pickup order through the Shopee app. They can find that option by following this flow: My Sales > To Ship > Arrange Shipment > Pickup. They are then given two days to prepare and pack the parcel. 

Riders may pick up parcels between 8 AM and 7 PM from Monday to Sunday. Same-day pickup is possible if the seller booked the order before 8 AM. Sellers must ensure the parcel is well-packed and has an attached airway bill before the schedule. 

Depending on the package’s weight, two types of courier vehicles may pick up the parcel. A two-wheel vehicle will collect parcels weighing less than 1 kg. A four-wheel courier will pick up those weighing 1 kg to 144 kg.  

Shopee Xpress Drop-Off

Shopee Xpress Drop-Off allows sellers to proceed to a nearby drop-off point to hand over their parcels personally. Doing so eliminates the waiting time for riders to pick up the package. Moreover, sellers can better decide when, where, and what time to drop off their parcel, as long as it’s within the drop-off point’s operating hours. Plus, they might earn incentives from Shopee!

Shopee sellers must book a drop-off order before bringing their properly wrapped package to the location. The process is similar to pickup (My Sales > To Ship > Arrange Shipment), but instead of clicking on Pickup, select Drop Off. 

The appropriate airway bill must be securely and visibly attached to the parcel before drop-off. Senders must also receive a handover form after giving the package to ensure it was correctly received and processed. 

Most Shopee drop-off points accept parcels of at most 144 kg and 100cm x 100cm x 100cm dimensions. However, if you decide to drop off yours at an MLhuillier service point, your parcel must be at most 5 kg and 60.69cm x 60.69cm x 60.69cm dimensions. 

Other Services

Shopee Express offers other courier services that improve the experience for Shopee sellers and customers. 

Expedited Deliveries 

Customers can access order details through the Shopee app, which includes the estimated delivery time (EDT). If the EDT has lapsed and the package is yet to arrive, customers may reach out to the seller so the latter can request expedited delivery. The seller will do so through the Shopee’s customer service or Seller Concerns Form.

Shopee Self Collect 

Customers who don’t want to wait around at home, live near a Shopee Collection Point, or are constantly out of their place may prefer to Self Collect their parcels. In this way, they can decide when and what time they will get their package, as long as it’s within the seven-day window.  

The Shopee Self-Collect service is only available through specific Collection Points. Moreover, items should be, at most, Php 2,000 in value, 5 kg in weight, or 30 cm in dimension to qualify for Self Collection. 

Return Items

Shopee Express couriers will attempt delivery twice only. After that, the package will be returned to the sender. Thus, senders must ensure their address is correctly inputted for a successful return item transaction. 

However, if customers open the package and find damaged items, there is a separate Return/Refund process. Thus, they cannot return the parcel through the rider that delivered it. 

Shopee Packaging

Shopee sells unique packaging that showcases the company’s brand and color. These boxes and pouches can only be bought from authorized sellers. They are an excellent choice for senders who want to ensure their packaging complies with the company’s guidelines and can avoid being rejected for improper packaging. 

Where Is Shopee Express Service Available In The Philippines?

There are various Shopee Xpress Service Points spread across the Philippines. However, most are concentrated in metro areas like Manila or Cebu. If you want to find the nearest service point, you can use the company’s Service Point Finder.

The same site can also search for other drop-off points, such as M Lhuiller seller or S-Drop points.  

Drop-Off Points 

Aside from its service points and hubs, Shopee Express accepts drop-off parcels through M Lhuillier partner branches. You can refer to the M Lhuillier Seller Drop-Off Locations spreadsheet to find the nearest one. 

Besides M Lhuillier, Shopee Express partners with interested retail owners to form S-Drop Points. These are located in Metro Manila and nearby areas. You may contact Shopee to apply as an S-Drop point, 

Where Does Shopee Express Deliver?

Shopee caters nationwide; thus, you can expect Shopee Express to deliver to all provinces in the Philippines, which are: 

Agusan del NorteCatanduanesMaguindanaoRizal
Agusan del SurCaviteMarinduqueRomblon
AlbayCompostela ValleyMetro ManilaSarangani
AntiqueDavao del NorteMisamis OccidentalSiquijor
ApayaoDavao del SurMisamis OrientalSorsogon
AuroraDavao OrientalMountain ProvinceSouth Cotabato
BasilanDinagat IslandsNegros OccidentalSouthern Leyte
BataanEastern SamarNegros OrientalSultan Kudarat
BatanesGuimarasNorth CotabatoSulu
BatangasIfugaoNorthern SamarSurigao del Norte
BenguetIlocos NorteNueva EcijaSurigao del Sur
BiliranIlocos SurNueva VizcayaTarlac
BoholIloiloOccidental MindoroTawi-Tawi
BukidnonIsabelaOriental MindoroZambales
BulacanKalingaPalawanZamboanga del Norte
CagayanLa UnionPampangaZamboanga del Sur
Camarines NorteLagunaPangasinanZamboanga Sibugay
Camarines SurLanao del NorteQuezonCamiguin 
Lanao del Sur

However, even if Shopee doesn’t take your package to a specific province for whatever reason (e.g., the item is too heavy, etc.), other courier options are available. 

How Long Is The Shopee Express Delivery Time?

Shopee Express delivery time depends on the origin of the parcel and its destination. Holidays and backlogs in the shipping hubs may also affect delivery schedules. However, this table can serve as a general reference:

Parcel OriginParcel DestinationParcel DestinationParcel DestinationParcel DestinationParcel Destination
Metro ManilaGreater Manila AreaLuzonVisayas Mindanao
Metro Manila3 days3 days3 – 10 days6 – 9 days7 – 9 days
Greater Manila Area 3 days3 days3 – 10 days6 – 9 days7 – 9 days
Luzon 3 – 10 days3 – 10 days3 – 10 days6 – 10 days7 – 10 days
Visayas 6 – 9 days6 – 9 days6 – 10 days6 – 9 days7 – 9 days
Mindanao7 – 9 days7 – 9 days7 – 10 days7 – 9 days7 – 9 days

If you’re a Shopee customer, you can check the app and the order details to find the estimated delivery dates. 

How Much Is The Shipping Fee In Shopee Express?

Unlike other logistics companies, Shopee Express’s shipping fee rates vary greatly, depending on the parcel’s origin, destination, dimensions, and number of products per order. The app automatically calculates this to avoid overcharging the customer. 

Shopee Express Shipping Fee for Shopee Sellers 

Often, Shopee sellers don’t have to pay upfront for shipping. Instead, the company deducts the shipping rates from the payment they collected from the customer. Then, they will release the net income to the seller. 

There may be instances when the payment released to the seller is less than expected, and that’s because of payment discrepancies, which include overcharged shipping fees. Those are charged to the seller; hence, the payment deductions. But why are there overcharges?

Overcharged shipping fees happen because of these scenarios:

  • The final weight and dimensions do not match the ones indicated by the seller
  • The seller did not provide the dimensions
  • The actual pickup address is different from the default 

Thus, if you’re a seller, you must provide the correct weight, dimensions, and pickup address. Also, wrap the item carefully using proper packaging; if the box or pouch is too big, that may lead to overcharging. 

Also, if your customer used vouchers or requested a return or refund, those will be charged to your account. Thus, those are also why you received less payment than expected. 

Shopee Express Shipping Fee for Shopee Customers 

If you are a Shopee customer, you must pay for the shipping fees of the items you order. You can check for tentative shipping fee charges through the Product Details page of the product you want to order. 

To discover the final shipping fee charges for ALL your products, proceed to the Checkout page. It can be found under the Shipping Options page within its Shipping Subtotal section. Note that the farther and heavier an item is, the more expensive the charges are. Moreover, the more products you order, the higher the shipping fee will be.  

Also, consider that shipping fee rates apply per store and transaction; thus, purchasing from another store will incur a separate set of shipping fees. Also, a new shipping fee will be calculated based on your selected products if you order again from the same store. 

Moreover, Shopee often offers shipping rate discount vouchers for its customers. Thus, you can further reduce the Shipping Subtotal by applying an appropriate coupon. There are terms and conditions per discount, so you can only use the voucher if met.   

Contact Shopee Express / Customer Service


Shopee Express Hotline

  • (02) 8-880-5200 

Social Media 


  • You can contact Shopee Customer Service via the app (Me > Chat with Shopee > [start chatting]).