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Everything You need to know about Ninja Van

What is Ninja Van?

Ninja Van is a popular logistics and delivery company focused on last-mile movement. It is an expert in ensuring packages arrive at their final destination. It follows a well-oiled hub-and-spoke model and applies the latest technologies to ensure that operations and systems are secure, centralized, and optimized. 

The company’s front-end services and offers are also at par with its behind-the-scenes. It promises (and delivers) flexible pickups, reliable cash on deliveries, top-tier customer service, and personalized dashboards for shippers. All these are constantly being improved for the benefit of customers. 

The company’s proven convenience, efficiency, and speed have earned Ninja Van the trust of more than 600,000 shippers. Among those many shippers are Ninja Van’s giant e-commerce platforms, including Shopee, Lazada, and Tokopedia. The sellers and buyers of these sites form the bulk of Ninja Van’s parcels. 

All these and more have rapidly launched Ninja Van into the top delivery companies of Southeast Asia. Indeed, it took less than a decade to expand from Singapore to the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Now, Ninja Van is proud to deliver and handle more than 2,000,000 parcels daily – a figure one can only expect to grow for the next few years. 

What is Ninja Van Courier Tracking?

Ninja Van Courier Tracking is a service that enables senders and receivers to track and monitor their parcel’s real-time location and status. It also allows them to estimate the package’s arrival better. 

However, to avail of such a service, the interested individual must enter a Ninja Van tracking ID. If valid, they will be directed to a page containing the parcel’s tracking history, including the latest location and status, which may be any of the following:

  • Pending pickup
  • Van en route to pick up 
  • En route to the sorting hub
  • Arrived at the origin hub
  • Arrived at the sorting hub
  • On the vehicle for delivery 
  • Completed 
  • Cross-border transit (for international deliveries only)
  • On hold
  • Pending pickup at distribution point (only if receiver opted to collect the parcel at a Ninja Point) 
  • Pending reschedule 
  • Pickup fail 
  • Returned to seller 
  • Transferred to 3PL 

How to Track Ninja Van Courier?

As Ninja Van continues to improve its tracking technologies, monitoring your parcel’s present location and status has become more accessible and accurate. It’s also secure, as the valid tracking ID is unique to each package and is supplied only to the sender and receiver. 

Ninja Van’s tracking ID usually consists of alphanumeric characters. The first segment consists of alphabet letters, whereas the final portion is made up of numeric characters. Usually, items from Shopee sellers that Ninja Van delivers have a tracking ID that starts with SOP. Here’s a sample: SOP26414906823832. 

You can find the tracking ID on the receipt provided to you upon shipping, on your account dashboard, or on the e-commerce platform from which you ordered the item. 

Once you have your valid tracking ID, follow these steps to track your Ninja Van Courier: 

  1. Open the Ninja Van Tracking page.
  2. Enter the valid Ninja Van Tracking ID on the search bar. 
  3. Press the “Track” or “Search” button. 
  4. Wait for the site to provide your parcel’s tracking history and other relevant information.  

Ninja Van may provide parcel updates through personal messages on social media. They also contact receivers before delivery. 

How Does Ninja Van Courier Service Work?

To use Ninja Van courier service, you must identify what type of shipper you are and how many parcels you aim to send out every month. Once you’ve made an account and sent your parcel, Ninja Van will ensure it reaches its destination. Its couriers will attempt delivery up to three times only (or two times only if it’s from a Shopee seller). 


To send parcels through Ninja Van, you must create an account first through their website. There are two types of accounts: pro and lite. 

Pro/Postpaid Shipper  

It is best to sign up for a pro account if you are an online seller who sends more than 500 parcels every month. These are the benefits of being a Ninja Van pro account owner:

  • Rates are cheaper for pro account owners, especially if you provide packaging. 
  • Place an order for standard/regular or return delivery. 
  • You can opt for a postpaid payment plan.
  • You are provided with a personal account manager, API & webhook integration, access to delivery reports, and a history of transactions with Ninja Van. 
  • It’s easier to plan and schedule parcel pickups, as they can tailor the process to your business’s volume. 
  • Earn rewards points and incentives. 

Lite/Ninja Packs/Prepaid Shipper/Ninja Packs  

A pro account isn’t necessary if your parcel volume is less than 500 pieces only. Instead, sign up for the lite account, which will allow the following:

  • Place an order for standard/regular or domestic deliveries. 
  • Purchase prepaid poly-mailer pouches or boxes, also known as Ninja Packs. These parcels and boxes come with flat rates so you can fill them as much as possible. 

Rates are more expensive than pro account owners because lite users pay a flat price for the box or pouch. However, the expense is made up for by convenience: 

  • You don’t have to pick up the prepaid packaging; instead, it is delivered to your door. 
  • You don’t have to print waybill labels.
  • You don’t have to worry about weights as long as your items fit the pouch or box. 
  • Free insurance worth up to Php 2,000 is provided by the company.  

Cash-on-Delivery (COD)

Ninja Van accepts cash-on-delivery for all services, whether you are a lite or pro account user. It even allows COD for international deliveries. Indicate on your Shipper Dashboard you need COD service and specify the amount when you place a delivery order with the company.

There may also be additional charges for COD handling. The amount collected by Ninja Van from your COD transactions will be sent to you via check or bank deposit. Such will be done regularly (weekly, monthly, or twice a month).  

Shipping Guidelines

There are specific guidelines for every shipping transaction, such as the following:

  • Packages must be at most 30 kg for Metro Manila deliveries and 10 kg for provincial deliveries. Moreover, the sum of dimensions must not exceed 300 cm. 
  • The amount payable for a cash-on-delivery transaction should be at most Php 60,000. 
  • Ninja Van couriers, who deliver Monday to Saturday (except holidays), will only attempt delivery up to three times.
  • Fragile items must have a fragile sticker, and liquids have an upright-only sticker. 
  • Items must be packed snugly, tightly, and securely. Add extra precautionary measures if necessary. 
  • Address or Waybill label must be printed and visibly attached for Non-Ninja Pack parcels. It is essential, unique, and automatically generated after making a delivery order.  

There may also be additional guidelines for online sellers on specific e-commerce platforms (e.g., Lazada and Shopee). 

Prohibited Items 

Besides items that violate the guidelines above, Ninja Van may also refuse to deliver any of the following:

  • Living things
  • Remains of corpses 
  • Religious artifacts
  • Weapons (firearms, sorts)
  • Harmful substances (poisons, toxins, flammable & volatile materials)
  • Documents (exam certificates, passports, insurance documentation)
  • Non-reproducible drafts, tapes, and film
  • Cards (credit, ATM)

These items are also prohibited for cross-island deliveries only:

  • Power banks above 20,000mah
  • Aerosol cans

Other Services

Besides the usual domestic deliveries, Ninja Van offers other services that may be essential for your business. 


Ninja Van also offers insurance for their customers’ peace of mind. Thus, if a parcel gets lost or damaged, the company is liable for up to Php 2,000.  

However, if the items you packed are worth more than Php 2,000, you may opt for extended liability. It is optional and contingent on the package’s declared value (1% of declared value).

For both extended and non-extended coverage, only properly packed items will be covered by insurance. Moreover, only the sender can file for a refund or damages; thus, receivers must coordinate with the shipper if the parcel is lost or damaged. 

International Deliveries

With such an extensive network across Southeast Asia, Ninja Van is one of the top choices for international deliveries. They do more than deliver your parcel to the destination. You may request that they also handle customs clearance, e-commerce logistics, and air or sea freight forwarding. 

These are the countries covered by Ninja Van’s international delivery service:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • China

Ninja Rewards Points & Perks 

Ninja Van highly values its customers; thus, besides the excellent service, the company rewards avid and loyal shippers with points. However, a pro account is necessary to enjoy those. 

Pro account users earn three Ninja Rewards Points for every regular parcel they send through Ninja Van. A certain amount of points will allow the user to be categorized into bronze, silver, gold, or platinum tier. Each tier is entitled to gifts, rebates, business solutions, and even vacation or wellness packages!  

Besides the rewards points system, you may also earn incentives through the Ninja Buddies or Friend Referral Program. You convince a friend to sign up for a Ninja Van pro account, and both of you will enjoy certain benefits and perks. 

Return Delivery 

For online sellers, there are instances when customers want to return an item for various reasons (e.g., damages, wrong address, incorrect item). Ninja Van’s return delivery service allows your receivers to do so; however, this offer is only available for those in Metro Manila or Greater Manila Area. Also, there are subsequent charges for return deliveries. 

Next-Day Delivery 

If you need an item sent and received immediately ASAP, you may avail of Ninja Van’s next-day delivery service. However, it’s a very limited offer as only Metro Manila and the Greater Manila Area is covered by it. 

Where Is Ninja Van Service Available In The Philippines?

Ninja Van’s service is available in its areas of coverage, which are:

Metro ManilaBulacanCaviteLaguna 
CagayanIsabelaLa UnionNueva Ecija
Nueva VizcayaPampangaPangasinanTarlac
Zambales AlbayCamarines NorteCamarines Sur
LagunaQuezonCatanduanesOccidental Mindoro
Ilocos NorteIlocos SurMasbate Sorsogon
CebuEastern SamarIloiloLeyte
Negros OccidentalNegros OrientalNorthern SamarSouthern Leyte
Western SamarAntiqueDavao Del NorteDavao Del Sur
Misamis Oriental Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga del SurZamboanga Sibugay
Misamis Occidental BasilanCotabato Surigao del Norte

If your province is missing from the list, you may check their social media pages or this page to see if Ninja Van has recently made an expansion in your area. After all, the company is still growing, so more places can be added. 

Ninja Points 

Ninja Van also partners with certain retail stores to form their Ninja Van Distribution Points, shortly known as Ninja Points. They are stores where company customers can pick up and drop off parcels and are open daily. It also allows people with no Ninja Van account to send packages using the “Post” service. 

As of the moment, Ninja Points are not available nationwide and are mainly concentrated in Metro Manila. If you want to know if there’s a Ninja Point near you, you can use the company website’s Ninja Point finder. You may also check the list on this page

Where Does Ninja Van Deliver?

Ninja Van delivers to most provinces in the Philippines. However, certain areas are still not serviceable or considered out of coverage. Thus, if you do not see yours on the list below, then Ninja Van delivery does not cover all its municipalities and cities.

Agusan del NorteCatanduanesMaguindanaoRizal
Agusan del SurCaviteMarinduqueRomblon
AlbayCompostela ValleyMetro ManilaSarangani
AntiqueDavao del NorteMisamis OccidentalSiquijor
ApayaoDavao del SurMisamis OrientalSorsogon
AuroraDavao OrientalMountain ProvinceSouth Cotabato
BasilanDinagat IslandsNegros OccidentalSouthern Leyte
BataanEastern SamarNegros OrientalSultan Kudarat
BatangasGuimarasNorth CotabatoSurigao del Norte
BenguetIfugaoNorthern SamarSurigao del Sur
BiliranIlocos NorteNueva EcijaTarlac
BoholIlocos SurNueva VizcayaTawi-Tawi
BukidnonIloiloOccidental MindoroZambales
BulacanIsabelaOriental MindoroZamboanga del Norte
CagayanKalingaPalawanZamboanga del Sur
Camarines NorteLa UnionPampangaZamboanga Sibugay
Camarines SurLagunaPangasinan
Camiguin Lanao del NorteQuezon

Although Ninja Van doesn’t cover some provinces, they may soon be with the company’s expansion efforts. To check if they are already included or see if your specific barangay is serviceable by Ninja Van, you may check through this link

How Long Is The Ninja Van Delivery Time?

Delivery time depends on the type of service (regular, next-day, return), the origin of the parcel, and its final destination. But as an estimate, you may refer to this table:

Metro Manila1 to 3 days
Greater Manila Area3 to 5 days
Provinces7 days

Expect orders to be delayed if there are holidays, as Ninja Van couriers do not deliver on those days. Moreover, deliveries are only done between 9 AM and 10 PM, and receivers will be notified through text or email if the courier is coming.  

How Much Is The Shipping Fee In Ninja Van?

Your total shipping fee in Ninja Van depends on several factors, like the type of delivery service, origin, destination, packaging, parcel’s declared value, and more. But if you want an idea, Ninja Van pro account users can send parcels for as low as Php 60 pesos. Meanwhile, lite users start at Php 150. 

It is easier to estimate shipping fees if you opted for prepaid pouches or boxes, as those come with flat rates. For instance, the delivery charge for those who use prepaid boxes depends on the box type and remains the same regardless of destination:

Prepaid Box TypeCost (Php)
Extra Small140
Extra Small (Bundle of Three)360
Sulit Bundle1000

In contrast, the destination matters for those who opted for Ninja Van pouches. Moreover, these are bought in bulk rather than per piece. See this table:

Prepaid Pouch TypeNumber of PouchesPickupDestinationCost (Php)
White Ninja Pack5 piecesMetro Manila/Province of OriginOutside Metro Manila/Outside province of origin750
Red Ninja Pack5 piecesMetro Manila/Province of OriginWithin Metro Manila/Within province of origin400 

Contact Ninja Van / Customer Service


Contact Us page

Customer Service Hotline

  • (02) 82711501

Customer Service Email 

Shipper email for parcel issues

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  • Ninja Van’s office hours are only from 9 AM to 10 PM (PHT)
  • Ninja Van’s working days are from Monday to Saturday, except on public holidays.