How to track JRS courier using waybill?

In this article we are going to explain to you how you can track your JRS Express courier using the waybill that you see on your courier receipt. In case you want to track down your parcel, you can do it using a waybill.

What is Waybill?

Waybill is a number that can be found on the top right corner of the courier receipt. It has two parts, one before Hyphen and another after Hyphen. You need to have both parts of the waybill to track your courier.

How do I find Waybill number?

You can find the waybill number on the top right corner of the courier receipt that you will get after handing over your parcel at the JRS Express center.

JRS Express tracking using Waybill

Once you have a waybill number for your parcel, you can use that to track your courier. The first part of numbers(Before Hyphen) is known as OR Number or Tracking Number and the second part(After the Hyphen) is known as BC number. Please note that you don’t have to use leading zeros in the Tracking number while tracking your parcel. They are not needed.

Now you have OR Number or Tracking Number and BC number of your courier. Now go to JRS Tracking and Enter OR Number and BC number in their respective fields and click on track

Once you hit Track, it is loads tracking data in a couple of seconds in a table below that “Track” button. Now you can see where is your parcel right now as well as its past wareabouts.

Here is step-by-step process to track JRS Express parcel.

  • Go to JRS Tracker
  • Enter OR number in the OR field.
  • Enter BC number in the next field.
  • Click on the track button.
  • Once you click on the track, tracking information for your courier will be loaded in the table below.